After Palworld, Pocketpair's new metroidvania is very reminiscent of another game (again)

During palworld The Pocketpair team, which continues to achieve impressive numbers in the market, is already making a plan. another game What is expected for the first quarter of 2024: metroidvania This actually reminds us of another famous title.

The name of the game in question Never Grave: The Witch and the Curseand even then it's a metroidvania with a distinctive style that offers a glimpse of what's been seen before.

As can be easily noticed when watching the trailer, in this case the gameplay that inspired Pocketpair is clearly visible. Hollow KnightIts style is found in the graphic elements but also in the gameplay features.

There are, of course, some original elements in Never Grave: we can distinguish certain mechanics, such as the possibility of having various creatures and taking their shapes and properties, a multiplayer mode and some kind of management of a village to be built, but suggestions from the suggestions do not follow Team Cherry's well-known Its metroidvania is obvious.

Originality does not come first

Never Grave: The Witch and the Curse, an image from the game

Beyond the original elements and strengths that the Pocketpair game may have had and that seem to have emerged from the first materials released, this move certainly looks determined. ingeniousIt also capitalizes on the endless wait for Hollow Knight Silksong by releasing a similar title and closing that gap (at least partially).

Developers and especially Team CEO Takuro MizobeHe made it clear that he was not looking for originality as a foundational element on which to build gaming experiences, but instead wanted to leverage successful ideas and trends to create similar but somewhat reworked interpretations.

This issue appeared prominently in Palworld, which was already facing criticism for its seemingly uninspired creature design. pokemonbut it looks like we should be preparing for a similar reception for Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse.

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