According to a rumor, GTA 6 will also be released on Nintendo Switch 2

According to a new rumor; GTA 6 it will come out too Nintendo Switch 2. This also points to the power of Nintendo’s new console, which could finally come close to that of its rivals.

Gossip upon gossip

Will the Switch’s successor run GTA 6?

The rumor comes from Universo Nintendo’s ‘Necro’ Felipe, who has teased the world of Nintendo’s home in the past. mario then confirm. The journalist did not specify the source of the report, which was launched in response to a post on Twitter.

GTA 6 on the Nintendo Switch 2 would be a major coup for Nintendo’s new console, which will also have other franchises closed to the current generation, such as Call of Duty (thanks to deals with Microsoft).

It’s hard to say how GTA 6 will run on Nintendo Switch 2, considering we know nothing for sure about either the console or the game. rockstar games. However, we think the success of the Nintendo Switch may have also pushed Take-Two and Rockstar Games to consider Nintendo platforms for their next launch.

Of course, it is worth noting that we are faced with another rumor; In this case, there is another rumor that confuses two hot topics of the period, both of which lead to countless indiscretions and speculations. So nothing is confirmed, but it’s not bad to speculate about a GTA for Nintendo Switch 2.

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