A video comparison between EA Sports FC 24, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

EA Sports FC 24 he is the hero of the last one video comparison Created by ElAnalistaDeBits, which places the versions side by side PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch In order to emphasize the differences of the game of football.

As we already know, EA Sports FC 24 runs at 30fps on Nintendo Switch: significant equality It is compatible with existing platforms in terms of content and functionality, but on closer inspection it is not the only platform.

In fact, it is easier to perceive a certain distance in terms of detail on the Switch, even compared to the PS4, which is a clear indication that the Switch is being used. dynamic resolution or lack of anti-aliasing, player models look the same but with significantly fewer effects to dress them up.

Expectations are increasing for Nintendo Switch 2

Electronic Arts should certainly be applauded for not wanting to repeat the classic Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch this year, but instead trying to bring all the new features of EA Sports FC 24 to the hybrid console, despite having to give up 60 frames and other details. image.

Natural arrival Nintendo Switch 2 This should solve the problem, and in fact it is possible that the developers want to lay the groundwork for a version of the game that is fully backwards compatible and could run significantly better on the next model of the console.

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