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We’re still waiting for contact for a possible third game round. Xbox Game Pass in February, but by the way already 4 games confirmed to arrive March 2023 already in the catalog, which allows a very partial first overview to be made.

February 2023 is still far from conclusive and there may be room for more news this month after the second wave that was announced recently, but until any news comes in, we can announce confirmed games for March 2023 well in advance. . So let’s see what this is about:

This is just a small part of the upcoming news that other games will be added via official communication. In this context, another title that will probably be included in Xbox Game Pass between March and April 2023 is Ghost Wire: TokyoNET, which was supposed to end its PS5-exclusive period during this period, a year after the original release.

Based on what’s already known, perhaps the most popular title among the four listed games is probably Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which launched directly in the catalog on day one and is a sort of action spirits analogy by Team Ninja. We look forward to further communication from Microsoft for the remainder.

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