The Last of Us Multiplayer: Sony has reduced the size and scope of the game, according to Bloomberg

what’s left of us: Regardless of the name of the groups or the new project multiplayer Naughty Dog, a Resizing by SonyBloomberg reporter Jason Schreier reported.

According to Jason Schreier, the information comes from four people who are “associated with the project” but clearly wish to remain anonymous. Based on these, it turned out that Sony owned it. reduced resources Information that exactly coincides with the recent announcement of what appears to be an internal delay in The Last of Us’ multiplayer project announced by Naughty Dog.

“Sony Group Corp. has slowed development of a new multiplayer game in the The Last of Us series as developers reassess the quality and long-term viability of the project,” Bloomberg’s article states.

Insiders said the team working on the game was downsized after a recent review. A small group remained on the project as the company reassessed where to go next. The game wasn’t cancelled, Schreier says, but many developers moved in other projects.

An interesting thing to emerge from the Bloomberg report, apparently Bungie to indicate issues Effectively starting The Last of Us’ multiplayer project downsizing the game in light of some of the weaknesses identified in its features. This is all part of Bungie’s new consulting role at PlayStation Studios as a team of experts in live service games.

When Bloomberg asked Naughty Dog for official comment on the matter, the team posted the above message as if trying to get hold of the leak of this information. In a recent post, Naughty Dog actually talks about “other projects” in the works, including a new single player. According to reports from Bloomberg, several developers and resources seem to have moved from the multiplayer project to other games in development to understand exactly what happened to The Last of Us: Factions.

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