Siphon Filter 3 For PS5 And Ghost Trick Ranked In Korea, Are They Coming Back? –

A few interesting titles have surprisingly resurfaced. Ranking in Koreaat local institution for registration of video game products: approx. Siphon Filter 3 Designed for PS5 and PS4 e ghost number Suggesting their possible return to market by Capcom.

Frankly, in either case, it’s unclear whether the games’ entry into the Korean Gaming Rating and Management Committee catalog is, as always, related to the actual launch of the products in the market, but it still represents an interesting clue. about possible appearances.

Siphon Filter 3, registered PS4 and PS5It can easily refer to the promotion of the game in question in the catalog of classics of the PlayStation Plus Premium membership.

On the other hand, the Bend Studio series is among the most anticipated in the catalog in question and it is highly likely to come.

The Ghost Trick plot is more complex: the Capcom game is a true pearl, first released on Nintendo DS in 2010 and later re-recommended on the App Store for iOS devices. Is a possible return planned for Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective, perhaps in an updated version for modern platforms? We hope so, given the value of the original, which remains one of the most interesting puzzle adventures ever released on the prolific Nintendo portable console.

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