Minecraft: “A Tale of Two Friends” trailer tells a strange story

minecraft As this new one shows, it somehow continues to carry its narrative from update to update trailer titled “The Tale of Two Friends”.

There history Minecraft is not explained very much in the game itself, but thanks to the material created above all to accompany the video game, very comprehensive and detailed information can now be relied upon.

To enrich this narrative infrastructure, Mojang periodically releases some videos that can help enrich the narrative world of Minecraft.

In this case, it’s a special animation in the game’s classic cube style that tells the story of a dromedary and a sniffer who find themselves in a rather complicated situation.

The story of a dromedary camel and a sniffer

These two creatures are mobs that have become typical of the Minecraft world.Trails & Tales updatewhich adds various features to the Mojang game and makes it even richer.

So let’s take a look at this story about the odd couple, a clearly anxious dromedary and a perfectly calm sniffer, who find themselves sharing a grand adventure.

It was recently announced that Minecraft has sold more than 300 million copies, and it was also announced that Armadillo will be the new mafia in the game that won the user votes.

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