Microsoft-approved summer event –

Games reporter Geoff Keighley reported the official announcement of the game. Microsoft related new Xbox Showcase which will dosummer In Los Angeles, possibly in connection with E3 2023 or on the occasion of the new Summer Games Festival in Keighley.

The news didn’t come as much of a surprise, as Microsoft regularly issues one of its own. summer conference in recent years, but it’s still nice to get confirmation this early. What can we expect? It’s hard to say anything as there is more time. However, we think it will be a big show with a considerable amount of time, with games coming to Xbox and PC in the next year, hence by June 2024.

This is always the case if Microsoft maintains the same formula as it has in recent years. It’s hard to tell which games will be shown among the unreleased games. Instead, it’s easy to talk about the usual Avowed and Starfield (in case it comes out in the second half of the year). Of course, we would love to hear news about Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones, Fable and Everwild, but it’s impossible to know what stage they are at right now. In any case, Xbox Game Studios is very much and there will definitely be no shortage of games.

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