Koei Tecmo wants to bring more games to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra

Japanese publisher koei tecmo seems interested in bringing others Games on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus ExtraAccording to a recent report, they are the leading subscription-based services that offer access to a catalog of games. questionnaire Published by the company.

Also referring to the latest version Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Located directly in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, the survey asks users if they would like to include other Koei Tecmo games on similar services, and mentions Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, among others.

The survey asks more precisely what other games users want to see it come in these catalogs, and while it’s a little small to conclusively accept the publisher’s commitment on this front, it’s certainly a clear indication of Koei Tecmo’s books’ interest in this distribution system.

All of this might make you think of the fact that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s launch on Xbox Game Pass has hit considerable numbers, so we’re not sure if we’ll continue to consider these maneuvers in the near future. mentioning the release of new games directly in the catalog or the recovery of previously released games.

You can find the survey at this address You can also answer the questions of Koei Tecmo, who is eagerly waiting for the developments on the subject. In the meantime, we refer you to our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review to get to know him better.

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