Invincible demo available to everyone today on Steam

Invincible now available to try by anyone through the new demos Opened to the public today through SteamIn the PC version that lets you experience the first episode of Starward Industries game.

This is the demo we saw in the gameplay video released by some magazines yesterday, and it is now free to play on The Invincible page on Steam. this address. The trial version allows you to experience approximately 25 minutes of gameplay in the early stages.

Probably, as in most of its structure, in this part, too, we are faced with an experience first. storytellingin addition to the narration of events, with first-person exploration of the alien planet Regis III as the main element of the game.

In many ways, The Invincible is reminiscent of Firewatch as a setting and care in directing and narration. In this case, the story begins with substantial material, as the play focuses on the novel of the same name by Polish author Stanisław Lem.

The demo, like the full game, mainly focuses on the figure of Yasna, an astrobiologist who finds herself on the surface of the hostile planet during a rescue mission that takes a bad turn. Invincible seems to focus specifically on alien atmospheres and is characterized by its exclusive use of futuristic technological elements, but in a vision reminiscent of 50s technology, thus a very interesting genre of “retro-futurism” referring to “atompunk”. style

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