Horizon Forbidden West turns one year old, Guerrilla thanks and gives PSN – Multiplayer.it avatars

Horizon Forbidden West turns one year old, e Guerrilla Games To make a decision to celebrate Thanking all players with a congratulatory post on the PlayStation Blog and giving away gifts, including avatars for PSN.

“The past is surprising year From the Horizon Forbidden West exit. On February 18, 2022, the entire Guerrilla studio was roaring around the world waiting for the game to be released.” Then, describing the excitement of the release, we can read the following: “It’s hard to describe what happened. It feels like the day a game was released, but sooner or later every developer, knows the feeling of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation where the initial audience reactions begin to pour in. In our case, we spent the day updating social networks, checking sales figures and reading initial feedback, bringing the entire team together to finally publicly share the incredible results of four years of work.”

Guerrilla later recalled that Horizon Forbidden West is included in the PlayStation Plus catalog from February 21, 2023, hence all promotional attempts with the game: “Over the past twelve months, after the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, we’ve created a Collolungo version of LEGO, a TikTok launched the channel and delighted fans with a variety of collectibles such as record music and a clothing line with ASOS. We also had the opportunity to meet some of our community face-to-face at events like TwitchCon and gamescom!”

Then a publishedinfographic with all the game stats most relevant to the community:

Horizon Forbidden West statistics infographic

Finally, free PSN avatars that will be available on PlayStation Store have been announced.

Free avatars of Horizon Forbidden West
Free avatars of Horizon Forbidden West

The post ends with more thanks: “Once again, thank you very much for following Aloy and the continuation of his story in Horizon Forbidden West. The ruins of Los Angeles in the new Burning Shores expansion. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Horizon from a completely new perspective, Call Horizon of the Mountain comes out next week on PS VR2.”

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