Halo: Combat Devolved is a nice free GBA version of Halo: Combat Evolved.

An independent studio called Crusader Games has decided to make one. Game Boy version of Halo: Combat Evolved. But instead of calling it Halo Combat Evolved, the studio chose what’s beautiful and perfect”Halo: War Overturned“.

It was made with a software called Game. GB Studio. The official website describes the software as “a quick and easy to use ‘drag and drop’ retro game creator for your favorite portable gaming system”. Halo: Combat Devolved can be played in Game Boy Color, Analog or directly from the browser.

For Play this unofficial version of Halo is necessary visit websites. A message from the developers on the site reads: “As a long time Halo: Combat Evolved fan, I’ve been creating a faithful adaptation for the Game Boy Color using GB Studio.” Currently, the only playable level is Pillar of Autumn, but Crusader Games has stated that it “plans to continue adding levels to the project as time permits.”

This is the beginning of Halo: Combat Devolved

It will also be possible Download ROM or .pocket files to play on other hardware. According to Crusader Games, downloading offers a better experience due to “sound limitations in the in-browser emulator.”

for what concern Gameplay itself, the game loads when the game starts, opens with a pixelated version of Master Chief and lets you play right away. The movement and gameplay are reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, but instead of using Link’s Master Sword, a pistol is used. It also plays a great 8-bit version of the original Halo song in the background as you play.

Speaking instead of Halo Infinite: The May 10 update has arrived, let’s see the changes.

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