Diablo 4: Various post-launch content between seasons and Battle Passes announced by Blizzard

A new live broadcast presentation was held today. Diablo 4especially focused post-launch content It was planned for the Blizzard game, so now we know more about it.

The developers specifically talked about SeasonsIt will be released quarterly and will let you see new features, content, quests, Battle Passes, legendary items, and other structural and content changes for Diablo 4. sanctuaries

Season 1 will launch mid to late July 2023, so it’s only one month after Diablo 4’s release date. However, to be included in the season content, you will need to have finished the first Campaign.

Season Journey It is the system that tracks the player’s “journey” through the Seasons, making the path between objectives and chapters to be completed within those chapters clearer, and collecting various information about the various Seasons. Each completed objective of this unlocks a certain amount of Goodness, the resource needed to level up between levels of the Battle Pass.

A new one comes every season Battle Passes It allows you to earn rewards with 27 free and 63 Premium tiers linked to various cosmetic items, and the latter can be unlocked by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass.

Battle Passes are basically three types: the free one, Premium that will cost 1000 Platinum (in-game currency, corresponding price of about $9.99) and the Accelerated Battle for 2,800 Platinum ($24.99) with 20 stages jumps, a special emote, and more ticket). Thanks to the shop in the game, it will also be possible to change the appearance of your character in a very wide and deep way. In any case, these are cosmetic elements that don’t always have a real reflection on gameplay.

As the trailer for the first public beta reminds us, we remind you that the Server Slam beta will arrive between May 12-14.

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