Diablo 4 isn’t meant to last forever, there’s a mysterious end boss

Assistant game director Joe Piepiora Diablo 4game in an interview it didn’t have to last forever: Although the experience promises a lot of content, after reaching level 100 the content will be exhausted and at the same time, the level of challenge will only increase up to a certain point, resulting in a collision with an opponent. mysterious final boss.

Diablo 4, which featured a new beta in May, “didn’t have to be played forever,” Piepiora said. “Beyond level 100, there are creatures that you will continue to encounter in increasing difficulty, but these are just content that you will try to challenge yourself with. get endless rewards and progress

At some point after level 100 we will actually be able to rely on top quality equipment and therefore make a number of changes to the character until we feel we have maximized the build. only then can we deal last boss of dungeonsin a war that will take several attempts to overcome it.

“At level 100 we’ll have it final boss fight “We set it up to be extraordinarily difficult,” the assistant game director explained. “Tier 100 users will face a really complex challenge, and our hope is that you can learn your lesson, understand the structure, maximize all of its elements, and then finally commit to this very tough challenge.”

This particular boss, which currently has no name yet, will not give you particularly powerful equipment, because by then you will already have the best items. Rather, it is a challenge designed to give you a sense of accomplishment because once you pass it you will have effectively completed the game.

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