Battlefield Classes Will Return In 2042 at Last


Battlefield 2042 is improving with each update (or at least coming closer to the game it could and should have been at launch), but there is one issue that has irritated many devoted players from the game’s debut and still does: Specialists are a group of “hero” characters created to take the role of the previous “class” structure tumbet.

Instead than offering bland grunts with predetermined roles—assault, engineer, recon, etc.—2042 introduced arrogant individuals, each with his own devices and special abilities. Even if it expresses the same concept somewhat differently and with more personality, many fans find it offensive. The fact that you can never know at a glance what type of equipment your teammates (or opponents) will be carrying, if not for their obnoxious
catchphrases—which have been toned down.


DICE became acutely aware of this very immediately, which is why they declared in August 2022 that the game’s production was essentially starting over and that many elements that had been removed or modified for 2042 would now be more in keeping with the qualities for which the franchise was renowned, agario.


The most significant of those adjustments was a return to the “class” system, which will ultimately be implemented in the game’s 3.2 update, which
will be released later this month. Even while it won’t go as far as many fans would have liked—it only rearranges the Specialists’ equipment and groups them into classes rather than completely eliminating them—it will at least maintain the same spirit.

However, as someone whose favorite Specialist (Mackay) is about to lose access to my favorite tool (SOFLAM) as part of the class rearrangement, I want to try the new setup out myself before getting too excited. The louder fans were correct that the game has been lacking without what the devs call a “sense of role.”

In addition to my utilizing this forum to air a personal grievance, you can read additional details about how the class system will impact loadouts and devices on DICE’s blog.

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