Batman, Mark Hamill no longer voicing Joker after Kevin Conroy’s death –

Mark Hamill will no longer voice the Joker in related productions Batman: The actor said it’s unlikely that he’ll be playing the role of the famous villain he’s played for decades after his colleague and friend disappeared. Kevin Conroy.

Kevin Conroy’s death caught many fans of The Dark Knight off-guard, as well as many of the actors who have worked with him over the years, and Hamill felt he had a special relevance from that perspective.

“I got called to say they wanted me to play the Joker, and my only question was ‘Will Kevin be Batman?'” Mark Hamill said in an interview with Empire Magazine. was,” he said.

“I said if they said yes, I would. We were partners in practice, a bit like Laurel and Hardy. Without Kevin between us, I don’t think there’s a Batman for me.”

Universally recognized for his role luke skywalker in the movie epic Star warsHamill also had a long career as a voice actor and, like Kevin Conroy, began playing the role of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series starting in 1992.

His voice has accompanied the villain’s iconic grimaces in video games, including of course the series. Batman: Arkham and recently Multiple Version.

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