Armored Core 6 – interest in the new game led to increased prices for the old ones

FromSoftware is a developer with many years behind it, produced many IPs and set aside many successes. Today, many know him as a spirit society and, above all, as the author of his greatest success, the Elden Ring. However, FromSoftware is also the creator of a perennial epic that is very popular with a select number of gamers: Armored Core. With the announcement of the sixth episode, many “new” FromSoftware fans pricked their ears and wondered how the old episodes were, perhaps to buy and play them before Fires of Rubicon arrived. However, this is a price increase of old games Armored Core, exactly what they are in physical format.

As reported on Twitter by user LowPolyRobot, i Price:%s they are too long. In fact, the peak was last December (at the initial announcement of Fires of Rubicon), when games that normally maxed out at $80 were placed at $220. Prices have dropped recently, but the most expensive items are easily over $130/$140.

Clearly price varies There’s a lot going on based on rarity and genuine interest, depending on the single episode of the Armored Core, but in principle the prices seem to have gone up.

This used and collectibles market they often see their prices fluctuate, and it’s common for sellers to try to get around the tide of players’ curiosity right after a new game is announced. As far as Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon is concerned, it’s not because it’s an Armored Core, it’s a game from FromSoftware, and it’s much more famous now than it was then, which is to credit regularly releasing new Armored Core.

Finally, we remind you that the Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon Launch Edition is available for Amazon pre-order at a guaranteed minimum price.

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