Alan Wake 2 video showing dual hero mechanics

IGN published video Diary dedicated to mechanics double hero related to Alan Wake 2 This example is illustrated by game director Kyle Rowley and narrative designer Molly Maloney.

As we know, in Alan Wake 2 it will be possible to freely switch between characters and face someone accordingly. different campaignThe developers explained how they differentiated the two experiences.

Differences It revolves around the oddities of two characters in particular, Alan Wake and Saga Anderson: the former finds himself imprisoned in a dark place from which he must escape, the latter possesses a Mental Palace that he uses to analyze the most complex situations.

Alan’s paranoia

Having been imprisoned for thirteen years, Alan Wake is affected by a form of paranoia in the game that affects the gameplay, reflecting illusions among real threats and therefore making his adventure much more complex.

The sequences in Saga, on the other hand, promise to be more concrete, if we want to describe them that way, but dangers are not lacking, and the agent often faces deadly and formidable enemies.

Alan Wake 2 will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series starting October 27

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