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A weapons expert, Jonathan FergusonHe collaborated with GameSpot to create a video in which he comments on some of the weapons featured. atomic heart, first-person shooter from Mundfish. Ferguson is the Keeper of Firearms and Artillery at the Royal Armory.

In the video, which you can see right below, Ferguson talks about various weapons: Makarov, KS-23 Shotgun, Electro, Kalash, Dominator, Railgun and Fat Boy. The video is obviously in English, but if you don’t mind, we recommend watching the whole thing, as the expert’s explanations are quite interesting.

Giving some examples, Ferguson, for example Makarov of the Atomic Heart it does not look very much like the real one, both in terms of dimensions and some details of the handle. He explains that in the case of the KS-23 Shotgun there are clearly original modifications that he can not say much about: in terms of use, it works like a normal shotgun.

He also comments on a Railgun or a magnetic weapon, in which case there isn’t as much a “rail” as coils (coils), so it should be called Coilgun, according to him. in case of Fatexplains that rockets move much slower than normal and make unrealistic movements.

In the video we also see a series of game sequences The video shows the use of weapons, so even if you’re not too interested in the expert’s commentary, the video is useful to see what are the most interesting weapons in the game and how to use them effectively.

But let’s remember atomic heartAlthough inspired by real weapons, it does not aim to be realistic and some choices have been made in terms of gameplay. The purpose of the video is not to criticize the game, just to analyze some details with an expert eye that regular players might miss.

We also know that Mundfish will remove the racist cartoon, so here’s the offensive scene from Atomic Heart.

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